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October Play Reading

18th October

Join us for our October play reading on Monday 18th October at

The King's Head at 8pm.

We will be reading Pink String and Sealing Wax by Roland Pertwee.

This is a period piece set in the parlour of the Strachan’s house in Brighton during the late 1800’s. This domestic drama concerning a repressed family has a case of 4 male and 5 female actors, and has some roles for teenage actors as well as our mature members!

It is most famous as a 1945 film.


18th October

Edward Strachan controls his family with little tenderness and understanding. His loving and ambitious children are pushed to the limits by his lack of attentiveness. When his eldest son becomes associated with a married woman who plots to incriminate him in the murder of her husband, Edward realises how very wrong his priorities and attitudes were and fights to protect his son and reunite himself with his estranged family.

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