Murder at
Peacock Hall
Kathryn Attwood

Our offering for November once again finds us in The King's Head Inn presenting another popular murder mystery. This one was written by Kathryn Attwood, who was unfortunately murdered herself the last time she stepped on stage with BDS - by the director of this murder mystery... If you can follow all that you will love the challenge of guessing "whodunnit" in Murder at Peacock Hall!


Directed by Denise Robinson and Peter Burton, you'll find a selection of BDS favourites in this fantastic ensemble production.


Murder at Peacock Hall is rather loosely based on the board game Cluedo. It's 1934 in Fairly Common, Surrey and Inspector Waddington has been brought in to make sense of the chaos caused by the occupants, staff and dinner guests at Peacock Hall. Will he find the murderer before The King's Head Inn call time?



The ticket price of £15 includes a meal, however you will have to interrogate the suspects while you eat. The closest guess will win a prize supplied by The King's Head Inn. There will also be a prize for the best 1930s costume.


Tickets are available directly from

The King's Head Inn, High Street, Billingshurst.

8th-14th-15th November 2022

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