Billingshurst Dramatic Society

1941 - 2016    75 years old and still going strong!

Meet The Committee

In purely alphabetical order, your Committee comprises:

Caro Anderson - Caro is the Society's Treasurer, and deals with payments in and out of the society and the yearly accounts. She's also Publicity Officer (posters, flyers and written publications like The Village Tweet). We try to maintain a monthly presence in The Village Tweet by submitting articles. If you have any ideas for an article, please let Caro know.

Will Gooda - Will is in charge of our Box Office, both the online one (WeGotTickets) and also ensuring that Mansell McTaggart have everything that they need to sell tickets for our productions.

Denise Robinson - Denise is the Secretary and writes the minutes and agendas for the meetings and the annual AGM. Denise also updates Facebook, and this website with the latest news and events, plus the newsletter and Twitter. If you have anything that you would like to include, please let Denise know.

Barry Syder - Barry is our Friends' Secretary. He contacts all our Friends to let them know what's going on, and ensures that their subs are up to date. If you are interested in supporting the Society and becoming a Friend, please let Barry know.

You can contact any Committee member by e-mailing us at and putting the member's name in the subject line.