Billingshurst Dramatic Society

1941 - 2016    75 years old and still going strong!

The Constitution is shown below. The full signed version is available to view on request. Please contact us for further information.


  1. The Society shall be called "Billingshurst Dramatic Society". Where appropriate, it may be designated by the abbreviation "BDS".

  2. Its objects shall be the production of dramatic art and the encouragement of theatre appreciation in the local community.

  3. The Society does not have membership by subscription in the accepted sense, but has the following affiliated groups:

Friends of BDS - a non acting/technical group of individuals who support the society through an annual subscription. This entitles them to a free priority ticket for each of the two principal productions per year and also one other entertainment (e.g. quiz, murder mystery evening etc). The subscription price is set annually by the Committee.

Life Members - Life Membership is occasionally conferred by the committee to individuals who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to the society. Life Members enjoy the same benefits as Friends but are charged no subscription.

Supporters - individuals who have chosen to receive a monthly newsletter by email which updates them on the activities of the Society. There is no cost to being a supporter and there are no other benefits attached.

NB: Friends, Life Members and Supporters have no voting rights.

  1. The business of the Society shall normally be conducted by a Committee comprising a Secretary, Treasurer and any other officers the Committee deems necessary. New members of the Committee are elected by current Committee Members at the AGM. The Committee may however, co-opt individuals on to the Committee at any time. The Society's productions shall be approved by the Committee who will also appoint a Director. The director of any current production shall be invited to Committee meetings to report and to express their views, but may not vote unless they are also an elected Committee member.

  2. The Society's financial year shall commence on 1st May and the AGM shall take place each July. The AGM shall be a public meeting and will feature a report by the Secretary reviewing the previous year's activities, and a report from the Treasurer outlining the current financial position.

  3. Individuals participating in any of the Society's productions shall be required to pay a show fee set by the Committee. This fee shall be specific to, and last for the duration of, that production only.

  4. Individuals participating in the Society's productions must be 16 years of age or older. Younger actors may be cast if a part requires it and at the discretion of the Committee. In such cases the legal requirements of chaperoning and safeguarding shall be implemented.

  5. The funds of the Society shall be applied to the stated objects of the Society and other such charitable objectives as shall be decided by the Committee. Only officers of the Society, directors and stage managers have any power to incur any expenses on behalf of the Society and then only after consultation with another officer.

  6. Any alterations to the Constitution shall be passed at an AGM of the Society by 60% majority of those Committee members present and voting.

  7. In the event of a proposal to dissolve the Society, the Committee shall convene a public Extraordinary General Meeting to outline the reasons, to vote and to formally set a date for dissolution. The Committee shall also decide how to dispose of the remaining funds and assets. These should be devoted to objects similar to those of the Society if at all possible.

This constitution adopted at the Annual General Meeting, 9th July 2019